Why the DeviantsMC?

The best server ever! Lightweight is the way!

Server Protection

We are equipped with high grade Anti-cheats, VPN guards, Anti-Bots, Proxy Blocking and much more!

Fast Response

We respond to your support and other concerns immediately to prevent you from being impatient!

Guaranteed fun.

Find the love of your Minecraft. Play with us and increase!

About us

Knowledge is power!


Some features of our Server!

Great Economy

Our economy is based on the players.
Instead of money it is items!
Trade items with each other block for block, sword for sword, the list never ends!

Grief Prevention System

Claim lands to call it your own home to stay.
Deviants MC runs a land claiming system to prevent people from griefing!

Friendly PVP

DeviantsMC has enabled PVP around the world just for fun!
Worry not! Your items will never drop when you die!
So invite your friends and have fun!

Listen to the players!

Several people play at DeviantsMC and recommend to everyone to come and meet the family!


This could be you!

"You could be the first one to be featured here!"

"Just play and give us your feedback!"